Dénia Mls Inmobiliaria

The realtor association Dénia MLS Inmobiliaria has been created in Denia on the 30th January 2014. 

Denia MLS is a Real Estate Association composed of 20 agencies with agents specialized on national and international property market. These experienced professionals with legal and open offices join each other to create a listing of properties exclusively and professionally managed, in order to meet the current needs of the market.

The real estate market is permanently evolving. Thanks to Internet our consumption and work habits have changed. The real estate association arises because of the needs to collaborate between several real estates to create some working groups, all of them with the same purpose which is the real estate brokerage.

M.L.S (multi listing service) is a system based on the American work philosophy where there are 2 brokers: the seller’s agent who lists exclusively the Property and the agent who works as a sole agent for the purchaser.


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